A New Addition to the Online Gaming World

One of the latest casino enterprise’s to be welcomed into the exciting world of online gaming is Casumo – a fresh and unique approach to virtual casinos and one that is guaranteed to entertain for hours on end.

Registering at this site takes a matter of minutes and has been designed to be as exciting as game play itself Once players have signed up to Casumo, they’re welcomed into a virtual world, which goes by the name of planet ‘Odd’. This make-believe gaming destination is guaranteed to keep you entertained for many hours! You’ll also be able to choose from an impressive total of six start-up bonuses.

Although new to the gaming scene, Casumo are already making a name for themselves in the casino industry – this is mainly because they are offering something completely different – a fresh gaming experience unlike anything else available. To learn more about this casino and to read up the latest gaming and casino reviews, simply visit an online gaming portal such as Sverigescasinon where you’ll find a world of information on everything this casino has to offer as well as reviews on a variety of other exciting online gaming platforms.

Casumo provide an online experience that is by no means conventional. When choosing to embark on this casino adventure, you’ll be awarded winnings when you complete a new level. Winnings come in the shape of both trophies and medals and you can check your progress at any time by clicking the button in in the upper left hand corner of the screen. This will take you straight to your online Casumo account.

Bonuses can also be accessed at Casumo and exist on both sign up and deposit. New players will receive a first deposit bonus of 100%, which basically means they’ll have double the amount to play with. Another of Casumo’s promotions entitles players to 20 free spins on Starburst – the popular NetEnt slot machine game.

There are a number of popular games to choose from including Jack Hammer 1 & 2, Jack and the Beanstalk, Evolutions, Flowers and the new South Park slot machine game. You’ll also find an array of classic casino games comprising Roulette, Blackjack, Bacarrat, Videopoker and various scratch card games. All games use the latest software providers, including that of Net Entertainment – one of the best software contributors on the market to date.

Those always on the go will be happy to know Casumo have put a lot of effort into making their casino a mobile friendly platform, meaning players can play whenever and wherever they desire providing an active Internet connection is available – all without the need for a download.

If you prefer to play at a gaming platform that has support in place, Casumo is a great option as they offer 24/7online support via a chat function – an asset to newbie players who may need a little help when it comes to the rules and regulation of game play. This is especially the case for players that have never played at an online casino before. It is also recommended that you do a little research before signing up to an online gaming venue. This way you’ll know what to expect!

Casumo have hit a happy medium that really makes this online platform work and one that isn’t too complicated to grasp. The site itself is also extremely easy to use, making it a popular choice with gaming fanatics today.


Online casino game developers to watch in 2015

If you love playing online casino games, there are plenty of reasons to get excited about 2015. Current software developers are working round the clock to raise the bar in terms of fun and quality, but it isn’t just the names you recognize that is pushing the online casino industry forward. Brand new software developers are seemingly starting up monthly, and with these new companies come brand new casino games and game technology. While 2015 is in full-swing and we’ve seen plenty of great games so far, the rest of the year is gearing up to be just as good, with the following three game developers being the ones to watch.

Xin Gaming

When you speak about game developers with heritage, you need to speak about Xin Gaming. This developer works to offer up games covering a wide range of themes, but by utilising various Asian font based card symbols within their slot-based games it remains loyal to its roots. The big titles created by Xin Gaming are Chinese New Year and Fantasies. After creating a loyal domestic fan base, Xin Gaming has its eyes set on international expansion in 2015 and look set to try their hand at making slot games that cover various social platforms. It should also be noted that the company has recently announced a new agreement with bitcoin casino Coin Gaming, which should see them expose their game catalogue to a brand new section of online casino players.


If you are a new firm in the world of online casino gaming you need to be able showcase that you have just as much know-how as the bigger names. Spinomenal have shown that they have the advanced level of technological skill to compete with almost any other company out there. Leading slot titles like Atlantic Treasures, Nuts Commander, Iron Assassins, and Demi Gods are all available across Chrome, Firefox, BlackBerry. iOS, and Android platform. Players will find that Spinomenal games are housed within Casino Desires, but expect their games to be featured within other online casinos soon.


Compact in every sense of the word, but no less powerful than the names mentioned above. Endorphina is a small Czech Republic based development studio that has designs on world domination, and drew plenty of plaudits when they unveiled “The Ninja” back at the June 2015 iGaming Super Show. The game’s theme used motion capture technology and is the first of its kind in many ways. Partnering this brand new innovation with games like Ice Pirates, Gems & Stones, and Emirate has helped put Endorphina on the map.


The world of online casino gaming is often one of self-discovery, as players are often looking to find what games and developers suit their playing needs best. When looking to evaluate casino game developer options, it is advised that you visit your nearest online casino portal. Through Casino Swe you can see the very best offers, news, and reviews related to all of the above development studios and more. Using what you learn you can make an informed decision and find the perfect online casino developer for your gaming style.

13 fun facts about casinos and casino bonuses

When it comes to excitement, very little in this world can rival the thrill of the bet. Putting your money on the line in an all or nothing affair carries a level of exhilaration that is almost unmatched. The pastime of gambling is plenty of fun by itself, but do you want to know a little bit more about what makes it so? Of course you do! The following are 13 fun facts about casino and casino bonuses that are well worth knowing.

No. 1 – Roulette as a game came about through a failed science experiment. French scientist Blaise Pascal created the first roulette wheel when his attempts to make a perpetual motion machine went awry.

No. 2 – While it is hard to pinpoint who offered the first ever casino bonus. It is known that it originated sometime in the late 1990s, making it almost as old the World Wide Web itself.

No. 3 – These days’ craps dice are now fully digitised, but the dice used at craps at in-house casinos are actually adopted from a tool that tribesmen used to predict the future.

No. 4 – Studies show that when it comes to cheating players are more likely to do it when playing with friends rather than playing against the house.

No. 5 – Las Vegas is the gambling capital of the world and what makes it so is in large part due to the amount of slot machines on offer. In fact, there is one slot machine for every eight residents in the city.

No. 6 – Gambling addiction is a serious problem and statistics show this. Of those searching for online gambling information related to casino bonuses, game guides, game cheats, etc, around 75% of those are gambling addicts.

No. 7 – Ever wondered why online roulette is known as the game of the devil? Well when you add up all the numbers on the wheel it comes to the number of the beast, 666.

No. 8 – Everyone knows that illegal gambling happens all around the world, but in many ways it is more common than you think. Apparently around 24% of all American’s have been involved in an illegal gambling game at one point or another.

No. 9 – At last count the online betting industry was worth over $3 trillion dollars, eclipsing the value of the land-based betting industry.

No. 10 – The online casino bonus is now a key part of the online gambling landscape. So much so that over 95% of online casinos offer a welcome bonus to new users. You can find loads of these bonuses at Vip Casino.

No. 11 – Caesars Palace is arguably the most famous casino in the world, drawing in millions of gamblers a year. Being of the stature that it is, it is estimated that during a 24-hour period 7,000 breakfasts are served, 3,000 ounces of juice are poured, 427 pounds of coffee are ordered, and nearly 3 million eggs are eaten.

No. 12 – Speaking of food, everyone knows that the Fourth Earl of Sandwich John Montagu invented the sandwich. But did you know that he invented it because he wanted a one handed snack to eat in order to keep one hand on the casino table when he was gambling.

No. 13 – When you got hold of online casino bonus back in the late 1990s and early 2000s, you had a couple of slot games to choose from. Nowadays there are over 500 available across various formats including classic and video slots.